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Andrea Miller

The salt paradox: Why it’s both essential and a threat to the environment

The global market for salt was worth over an estimated $13 billion in 2021, according to Research Insights.This valuation comes after a rich global history showcasing wars fought over salt, trade routes built for commodities, taxes levied against the m...

Why blood makes up over 2.5% of all U.S. exports

In this articleCSL-AUGRF-ESIn America, blood means big business. The North American blood market was valued at $3.3 billion in 2021, according to Global Market Insights Inc.Blood makes up 2.69% of U.S. exports, according to the Census Bureau.Since...

Why the global soil shortage threatens food, medicine and the climate

Soil can be considered black gold, and we're running out it.The United Nations declared soil finite and predicted catastrophic loss within 60 years."There are places that have already lost all of their topsoil," Jo Handelsman, author of "A World Withou...

U.S. inflation hot spots happen to be pandemic-migration hot spots

In this articleRDFNSome of the hottest pandemic-migration destinations also happen to be home to the hottest regional inflation rates.The relationship between migration and inflation has strengthened significantly as more people relocate from expensive...

How the stock market ‘fear index’ works

In this article.SPX.VIXVIXYVIXMVIXL-DE@VX.1The volatility index, also known as the VIX, essentially takes a reading of the stock market's blood pressure, measuring investors' fear.The VIX can spike when investor concerns are heightened by events like t...

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