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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Fernando Ramirez

Texas Democrats: Abbott must restore funding to legislature to kickstart negotiations

Texas House Democrats breaking quorum in Washington held a press conference on Friday to mark the halfway point of the special session ending Aug. 6. Democrats said they were committed ...

Voting rights ‘worth going to jail for,’ says Senfronia Thompson

In a virtual press conference with Texas House Democrats from Harris County, members gave updates about their activities in the nation’s Capitol.The lawmakers fled Austin last week in order ...

At long last, Abbott gets sucker-punched for voter suppression

Texas Democrats have shown incredible restraint. The minority party has fled the state to break quorum only three times, disrupting legislation that would help keep Republicans in power on every...

Mehdi Hasan calls out Dan Crenshaw’s gerrymandered district

Political reporter Mehdi Hasan successfully irked Houston’s Rep. Dan Crenshaw this week, sparking the two to go at each other on Twitter.On a segment on “The Mehdi Hasan Show,” Medhi respond...

Barack Obama endorses MJ Hegar

Former President Barack Obama issued his latest wave of endorsements on Friday.Among them, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and Air Force helicopter pilot MJ Hegar. Hegar is facing ...

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