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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

William Kim

Ted Cruz stonewalls key State Department nominees

As President Joe Biden seeks to reinvigorate American foreign policy with diplomacy at its center, one man stands in his way. It’s not Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin, it’s Sen. Ted Cruz. Cruz, who...

Poll: Almost half of Texas Republicans don’t want to get the COVID-19 vaccine

A poll from Quinnipiac University released last Thursday surveyed the opinions of Texans on a range of issues. One particular eye-opening result was in regard to COVID-19 vaccines. The good news...

How two voting rights bills could help Texas

Texas, like many red states, is not known for protecting voting rights. Under GOP leadership, the state has been plagued by long lines at the polls, onerous voter ID requirements, gerrymandering...

How a Texas-based company ended up at the center of one of the worst hacks in history

Thanks to the craziness of the past year, one of the biggest stories of 2020 may have gone under your radar. In one of the worst cybersecurity breaches in American history, hackers penetrated th...

The Trump administration is ending the census count early. Here’s what that means for Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the Trump administration can end the 2020 census count early on October 15. This will undoubtedly throw a process already complicated by the COVID-19...

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